Galveston 2010

Galveston 2010
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Golf Camp

Golf Camp

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping with Nana by Maddie & Melanie

We went to the mall with Nana a couple of weeks ago.  She took us to Crazy 8, a clothes store for kids.  We went there to get back to school clothes.  She helped Mellie and me find things to try on.  There were lots and lots of things to choose from.  I got a pink plaid dress, some t-shirts, some cute blue jeans, a black plaid jacket, and pair of cute boots.  Melanie also got the same boots, and she got a pink jacket, some t-shirts, blue jeans, and other stuff.  Then Nana bought us ice cream at the mall, and then we went bungee jumping in the mall.  It cost $7 for three minutes.  Not exactly cheap.  Nana spent a lot of money on us that day & I am very greatful.  Nana also got me a new backpack & a new lunch kit.  It is kind of like my old one only the polka dots are bigger and my name is in a different color.  Mrs. Eyre monogrammed it for me.  Mellie's backpack is purple with silver guitars on it.  She also got a purple lunch kit with the guitars on it.  I think I am going to wear my plaid pink dress for the first day of school. I am excited about my new clothes!

Avocado Update by Jack

We planted both seeds on July 11, and it took a long time to grow roots.  The one in the water had a really long root today so mom put it in a larger glass.  You can really see the root now.  The one in the pot probably has a root underneath but it has a really small tree growing out of the top.  I learned that it takes a really long time to grow roots from an avocado pit.  The one in the pot has a tree growing so this is the one that grows faster, even though you can't see the root.  After a few more days we will plant the one in the glass into a pot.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sleepover at Aunt Ree's by Maddie

On Friday, Melanie and I went to Aunt Ree's house. We were going to sleep over there.  After we got settled we went to Crave Cupcakes.  Crave Cupcakes is a place where they make cupcakes.  They have very good cupcakes there.  After we got our cupcakes we put them in a box and went back to Aunt Ree's house.  Then, when we went home we watched a little bit of tv.  And then we ate dinner.  We had La Madeleine, my usual favorite, which is Caesar Salad with Chicken and a baguette.  Then I ate half of one of my cupcakes, because we each got two.  Then me and Mellie got into our pajamas, we decided to skip our baths.  Then we went downstairs to watch some more tv.  Aunt Ree gave us some presents.  Mellie got a coloring book and a kitty Littlest Pet Shop.  And I got a bunny Littlest Pet Shop and a notebook and a pencil case with colored pencils inside.  I took them all in one hand and opened my book and started drawing something with all of them in one hand.  After I did that I drew a round piece of bubble gum that had not been chewed yet & then drew a bubble gum wrapper.  I watched some more tv and played with my Littlest Pet Shop.  Then Mellie went to bed.  Then I went to bed but didn't to to sleep quite yet because we had gone to the library that day & I had a book called The Fairy Chronicles, that was the series, but the title was Luna and the Well of Secrets.  I finished the book & tried to go to sleep.  But I couldn't becasue Mellie was SNORING REALLY LOUDLY and my earplugs hurt my ears.  So I went to Aunt Ree's room and said, "I can't sleep because Mellie is snoring really loud."  And she said, "Here, take these earplugs, they are really soft and work really well."  So after I put them on I went to sleep.  In the morning I had a cinnamon roll and some Sister Schubert's kolaches, the small ones with the hot dog things.  Then Aunt Ree took us home.  I went home in my pajamas!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Barbie Dance Camp by Melanie

I love Barbie Dance Camp.  It was Barbie Island Princess.  Ms. Ginger was the baby's teacher, but I really wanted her to be our teacher.  She was teaching us a little bit.  On the first day I wore my black leotard & tights with ballet shoes, and the last day I wore a white tutu with sparkles.  And the last day was my favorite because it was really fun showing mom my ballet dance.  It was too fun. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

USS Lexington, by Jack

On Saturday, Dad and I went to the USS Lexington, which is an aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi.  First, we put our stuff in the bedroom.  It only had three layered bunk beds, and I was going to get the bottom one but then I got the top one on the other side.  Then we toured the ship.  We went up to the planes.  The most interesting thing was the plane that my dad flew, which was an A6.  First we had to move our stuff to a different bedroom, because the A/C was broken in the bedroom our stuff was already in.  Then we ate dinner.  We ate in the kitchen.  There was two rooms to eat in.  Me and dad ate in the second room, there was a lot of tables.  We had penne pasta with spaghetti sauce.  After dinner they had ghost stories but I didn't go.  We were brushing our teeth getting ready for bed.  In the morning we had breakfast in the same place we had dinner.  We had breakfast tacos, donuts, an apple, and there was cereal but I didn't eat any.  After breakfast we went to the gift shop but dad forgot his wallet.  So then we went to go get his wallet but then we had stuff to do so I had to wait.  When we finally went,  I got an aircraft carrier plane.  After we left the ship, dad & I went to the beach and saw his childhood home, then went home.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Bible School by Maddie

Last week, Jack and I went to Vacation Bible School at MDPC.  What's fun about Vacation Bible School is that we get to go around and go to three stations.  One is where we learn about the Bible, and the other 2 are just for fun.  At the gym (Play Xtreme), we got popcorn and painted our nails, and every day there was something new like there was one where you could make a "pet cup."  I made a pet cup.  His hair is very long and tomorrow I am going to give him a haircut. After I do all the fun stuff in the gym, I go to the Chill Zone.  In the Chill Zone, you get to sit on beanbag chairs, watch Tom & Jerry & play games. If I go to Serve Xtreme first then I will have already started a scarf, and I will work on my scarf, watch Tom & Jerry and eat my popcorn.  In "Serve Xtreme" all I really did was go to the weaving area and snacks.  This is my schedule for Serve Xtreme:  First, I go straight to weaving.  I start a scarf.  Then when it's a certain length, I go to snacks.  Then I go back to weaving for the rest of the Serve Xtreme time.  Maddie E. was in my group, our group was Orange 18.  Charlotte B. was in Orange 19.  We saw Mrs. Cooper there with Avery.  I had the best time at VBS!!!

Bentwater Camp by Jack

Bentwater camp was fun because we got to go tubing on the lake.  Bentwater camp is a camp where you can have fun & do stuff at Bentwater, which is at Lake Conroe.  My Nana & Bobpa live there on the lake.  Caroline & Maddie went, too.  We stayed at Nana's house.  Ben & Will, my cousins, were there too.  I went over to my new friend Grayson's house, he's a friend I met at camp.  We watched tv & walked around his Nana's house.  We couldn't go in the yard because there was chemichals on it.  Pretty much we just watched tv.  I like to play, ride my bike, and play the Wii at Nana's house.  At camp, I made a drawing made out of sand, we decorated small cloth balls, and when it rained we played games inside.  I just liked watching people play chess.  Maddie taught me how to play chess.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy Days, by Mom

Hello, readers!  Maddie & Jack were out of town last week and I went up to Conroe & stayed one night over the weekend, and with the 4th holiday, it's been a busy couple of weeks for the kids.  We aren't neglecting our blog on purpose!!  I am going to try to get Jack to write about Maddie & his experience at Kamp Bentwater last week, and this week they are doing VBS at MDPC, so I am going to make sure they both write about that.  Check out the new pictures from the 4th parade, and our delicious Star Wars cookie slideshow.  They were a hit with the kids & their friends.  (Leah M. took some home to her sister after eating about 6 of them!) Maddie gave Melanie a "spa day" today, which was hilarious, cute & creative all at the same time (not to mention relaxing), so look for her to write about that & we have some pictures to post as well.  And Jack has a very fun Cub Scout campout this weekend, so he should have more to say when he gets home.  Lots going on, so hopefully the kids will get caught up on their writing this week & next!  Keep reading!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Piano Camp by Maddie

On the last day of  Piano camp for the last 20 minutes we had a Piano party. There was lemonade and cookies. Each kid got to play the piano. The moms and dads came it was a lot of fun. I played Bullfrog Jamboree part 1. I can not wait to play the piano in the fall.