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Galveston 2010
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Golf Camp

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Bible School by Maddie

Last week, Jack and I went to Vacation Bible School at MDPC.  What's fun about Vacation Bible School is that we get to go around and go to three stations.  One is where we learn about the Bible, and the other 2 are just for fun.  At the gym (Play Xtreme), we got popcorn and painted our nails, and every day there was something new like there was one where you could make a "pet cup."  I made a pet cup.  His hair is very long and tomorrow I am going to give him a haircut. After I do all the fun stuff in the gym, I go to the Chill Zone.  In the Chill Zone, you get to sit on beanbag chairs, watch Tom & Jerry & play games. If I go to Serve Xtreme first then I will have already started a scarf, and I will work on my scarf, watch Tom & Jerry and eat my popcorn.  In "Serve Xtreme" all I really did was go to the weaving area and snacks.  This is my schedule for Serve Xtreme:  First, I go straight to weaving.  I start a scarf.  Then when it's a certain length, I go to snacks.  Then I go back to weaving for the rest of the Serve Xtreme time.  Maddie E. was in my group, our group was Orange 18.  Charlotte B. was in Orange 19.  We saw Mrs. Cooper there with Avery.  I had the best time at VBS!!!


  1. Wow, Maddie! I didn't realize that you and Jack did so much during VBS. It sounds like you guys had a great time. I like the pictures that you posted, as well as your scarves and pet cup (his hair is getting a little long).

    It has been a busy, fun summer. I can't wait for the things to come.


  2. Hi, Maddie! VBS is so much fun!
    Can you believe, when I was your
    age,I went to VBS at MDPC, too!
    It was interesting to read about
    all the things you did in one summer.