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Galveston 2010
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Golf Camp

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

USS Lexington, by Jack

On Saturday, Dad and I went to the USS Lexington, which is an aircraft carrier in Corpus Christi.  First, we put our stuff in the bedroom.  It only had three layered bunk beds, and I was going to get the bottom one but then I got the top one on the other side.  Then we toured the ship.  We went up to the planes.  The most interesting thing was the plane that my dad flew, which was an A6.  First we had to move our stuff to a different bedroom, because the A/C was broken in the bedroom our stuff was already in.  Then we ate dinner.  We ate in the kitchen.  There was two rooms to eat in.  Me and dad ate in the second room, there was a lot of tables.  We had penne pasta with spaghetti sauce.  After dinner they had ghost stories but I didn't go.  We were brushing our teeth getting ready for bed.  In the morning we had breakfast in the same place we had dinner.  We had breakfast tacos, donuts, an apple, and there was cereal but I didn't eat any.  After breakfast we went to the gift shop but dad forgot his wallet.  So then we went to go get his wallet but then we had stuff to do so I had to wait.  When we finally went,  I got an aircraft carrier plane.  After we left the ship, dad & I went to the beach and saw his childhood home, then went home.

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  1. Jack,

    I sure had fun on our trip. I enjoyed exploring the Lexington and living the life of a sailor. I also enjoyed showing you my childhood home, taking you to the beach that I grew up on, riding the ferry across to Aransas Pass and, of course, our fried fish dinner. You must have been quite tired after all that fun because you fell asleed while daddy drove home in the rain.

    I hope we get to do it again sometime. Perhaps we can bring your sisters and mom along as well so they can go to the beach too.