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Galveston 2010
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Barbie Dance Camp by Melanie

I love Barbie Dance Camp.  It was Barbie Island Princess.  Ms. Ginger was the baby's teacher, but I really wanted her to be our teacher.  She was teaching us a little bit.  On the first day I wore my black leotard & tights with ballet shoes, and the last day I wore a white tutu with sparkles.  And the last day was my favorite because it was really fun showing mom my ballet dance.  It was too fun. 

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  1. Mellie,

    You sure are a pretty dancer. I enjoyed dropping you off at Barbie Dance Camp last week. I am sorry that I had to miss your recital on Friday, but I had to see Papa Suerth in Austin. I saw all the pictures that mommy took, and it looked like you had a great time.

    It warms my heart to see you dancing and singing at home all the time, so I am glad that you were able to go to Barbie Dance Camp this summer.